All The Fuss, On Us

Chris Ryan
A music enthusiast his whole life who set out to create a blog for the LGBT community that exposes them to all the wonderful music they are not hearing. Chris Ryan holds a masters in Psychology, is one of the biggest LGBT producers/promoters in NYC, is writing a book, has been awarded several times and even plays the GUITAR!
Jenny Rickey
Throughout her life music has always been a part of her soul, it plays all day long in her head, always marching to the beat of her own drum. A resident of Cleveland, Ohio she is a fan of the early blues, rock & roll, hip hop and classical music. A Communications major from Bethany College, WV, writing has always played a central role next to her first love of music..find her happiest while dancing and cooking in the kitchen.
Jeannie Buxo
Was born and raised in New York, NY, earned a A.A.S in Business Admin, currently working on an M.S. in Communications and Culture. Currently a Newspaper Layout & Typesetter/ Ad Manager and Administrative Assistant. She is one of Madonna’s greatest fans and contributors to her fan base with the creation of,, several events dedicated to the queen and tons of contributions.
Darren Melchiorre
In 1992, a single album cover changed Darren’s life and led him to become a graphic designer. Today, Darren dedicates his career in graphic design to music and entertainment. With a MFA degree from the School of Visual Arts, Darren became the youngest designer to design a Times Square billboard and has designed for Broadway, NBC, CBS, and Mr. Magic Johnson himself. Darren runs his own design agency that specializes in music and has art directed for some of today-s up-and-coming musical artists including JLINE, DYCHRO, DJ BENNY K, and SCANDELLE among others. He continues to write album cover reviews for his blog COVERCULTURE with Audio Fuzz and is one of entertainment’s most in-demand branding graphic designers.
Reed McGowan
During his 25+ years of music, REED McGOWAN has graced the decks at such NYC nightlife institutions as: Crobar, Hammerstein Ballroom, Limelight, The Lure, Monster, Palladium, Roseland, Splash, The Eagle, XL and Webster Hall. His events have covered everything from fashion shows, fundraisers & charity events to circuit parties, private functions and cast parties. REED McGOWAN’s style is an eclectic blend of mixed club genres that include: House, Electronic, Progressive, Tech, Tribal, Circuit, Industrial, Mainstream/Top 40, Indie, Rock, Soul and Dance/Disco/Classics.
Damian WhiteDamian White
Damian White describes himself as an “interestingness curator and semi-secret geek obsessed with design, new music, storytelling and combinatorial creativity”. After 5 years of living in London studying Media Production / Film, he is back with his East Coast family in NYC where he is ready to jump into this AudioFuzz Music Scene to bring you the crème de la crème of artists and music scenes going on. He is currently designing and editing video for various companies which he claims incorporates his “indiscriminate curiosity.”

Born and bred in our wonderful city of New York, Steven has never felt more at home. He has made his mark in the music and entertainment industry serving as Chief Operating Officer of the Brooklyn based Five Star Entity, a music recording and production firm. S-dot, as the rappers affectionately call him, has amassed way to many followers to name personally, so just add yourself to his list on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Phil King

Phil King
LOVES music, all kinds.  Growing up, he was introduced to music by his parents, mainly music from the 30’s and 40’s and musicals. Then he discovered the Monkees, the Beatles, and the Animals.  His real eyeopener was when he discovered the Velvet Underground, David Bowie, T Rex, the Ramones, Alice Cooper and Patti Smith. He fell in love with this music and formed a punk band (Phil ‘n’ the Blanks). He has been in love with music since then. Phil says “thanks to all the bands that inspired me; you are the best.”