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60’s Pop/10’s Experience: *repeat repeat – “Plugged In”

  • June 11, 2017
  • 1 min read

*repeat repeat

“Plugged In”

WOW!!!!!!  This is an unbelievable band.  No wonder this band is considered “you favorite bands’ favorite band”.  They’re bouncy, they’re poppy, they’re 60’s pop updated to the 21st century.  Andy Warhol would love them.  Think of what Dee-Lite did to the 70’s.  Based in Nashville, TN — where frontman Jared Corder, drummer Andy Herrin, and vocalist/keys player Kristyn Corder — this band has everything you need to make your summer house party.  I love this band.  Edie Sedgwick loves this band.  Come back, summer of loved.  Let’s go.

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