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All Your Fears Are Real: Black Moth Super Rainbow – “Mr No One”

  • February 22, 2018
  • 2 min read
All Your Fears Are Real:  Black Moth Super Rainbow – “Mr No One”

Black Moth Super Rainbow

“Mr No One”

Panic Blooms

For you out there who know how f**ked up things are but need to reassured about, Black Moth Super Rainbow has a new album that shows just how bad things are.  Since BMSR’s frontman, TOBACCO, is usually well hidden behind his mask, Panic Blooms, is amazing. As their press says:

So maybe this is why Panic Blooms is slightly startling. Never before has TOBACCO been so raw or direct in his lyrics. It’s a f-ed up and bleeding account of depression and the shadow side of human frailty, full of gorgeous warped melodies that exist as their own genre, somewhere between late 90s Warp Records, dub, and chopped and screwed codeine drip. It’s not drug music, it’s dragged music, oozing through the muck of the present moment, past mutating the present, demon melodies filtered through the vain search for light.

Coming from the dark fields of Pennsylvania (hey, I live there, and let me tell you, there are parts of this state that extremely frightening), BMSR is comprised of TOBACCO, the seven fields of aphelion, Iffernaut, Pony Diver, Steve SLV;  and besides destroying all your fantasies, they are a damned good listen.  They are touring right now.  See them if you dare.

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