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Art Pop: Aish – “Promise Me”

  • November 20, 2016
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“Promise Me”


From singer/songwriter Aish comes one of the most interesting sounding singles to come along for a while.  “Promise Me” is the first single from Aish’s debut album, Mother. The album explores the intricate relationship between mother and child, but also touches on themes such as migration and finding one’s home. It is cinematic, featuring non-traditional instruments and naturally found sounds.  The use of smooth strings with a slightly off beat makes you sit up and listen.  And Aish’ voice is an unbelievable instrument in itself.  As Aish’ bio states:

Aish is the son of a physicist father and an artist mother. He was born in Moscow during the Soviet Era and grew up in the UK and India. Aish became estranged from his family, when he came out as gay, which drove him to move to the United States in search for a place to thrive as his true self and pursue his art. Aish studied music, with a focus on voice, songwriting and music composition at the London Music School, Berklee College of Music and City College of San Francisco. Aish now calls San Francisco home, where he makes music inspired by the magnificence of the California Pacific coast.

I truly love Aish.  He is the most interesting singer I’ve heard for a long time.  Listen to him.  You will be impressed.

Watch the tremendous video that was created with the help of LA visual artist Philip Rugo to bring the whole song to life, which he has done perfectly.  Impressive.

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