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Badass Rock N Roll: Code Red Riot – “Living Low”

  • July 8, 2018
  • 2 min read
Badass Rock N Roll:  Code Red Riot – “Living Low”

Code Red Riot

“Living Low”


Wow, Code Red Riot just kicked my ass across the room.  The very first note will let you know that these guys are serious badasses.  Comprised of Vocals: Corky G @corkyg; Guitar: Taz @tazazure; and Bass: Woz @wozonbass, this band is one of the great ones.  On the album, Corky played drums as well, and he is one hell of a drummer.  According to Corky;

CODE RED RIOT originated as a cathartic musical outlet for Corky Gainsford, formerly of the band OTHERWISE (Century Media Records).

“I needed a way to release all the frustrations that had built up after 4 years of touring with a band that didn’t feel like it would ever reach its full potential,” says Corky.“ After 2 full-length albums, an acoustic EP, five Top 20 singles, hundreds of shows, and rocking every major festival in the United States… it felt like the group had lost the cohesive vision, goals, and personalities required to make it all work, and I knew it was time for me to move on.”

The band is so amazingly tight.  I am glad that Gainsford decided to write songs and sing lead.  As Code Red Riot’s bio says:

On the debut album, Corky played almost all the instruments himself (vocals, drums, bass and rhythm guitar), and recruited a fantastic unknown guitar slinger, named Tyler “Taz” Azure, to round out the album’s lead guitar work. “The songs were fantastic,” Taz explains. “So, I took a chance and moved from Minnesota to Las Vegas to be a part of this band. Great people and great music – you don’t pass up an opportunity like that.”

Check this out.  This is rock with teeth, with feeling, with wonder.  I love this band.

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