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Baroque Rock: Anna von Hausswolff – “Evocation”

  • December 4, 2015
  • 1 min read

anna von hausswolff

Anna von Hausswolff


The Miraculous

Anna von Hausswolff is a singer/songwriter, pianist, and organist who, along with the rest of her band (Filip Leyman-synths, Karl Vento-guitar,  Joel Fabiansson-guitar, Ulrik Ording-drums, and Maria von Hausswolff-vocals), perform Baroque style music that is so heavy and light at the same time, like listening to a great organist play Bach in a large church or Rick Wakeman’s organ parts from “Close To The Edge”.  I love her so much.  Imagine Lykke Li or Frida Hyvonen with a strong organ backing and you get von Hausswolff.  The Bach/Handel of our time.  And her voice!!!! Combined with her sister, the two of them are so ethereal.  Her is the track listing for the new CD.  Listen and enjoy.

  1. “Discovery”
  2. “The Hope Only Of Empty Men”
  3. “Pomperipossa”
  4. “Come Wander With Me/Deliverance”
  5. “En ensam vandrare”
  6. “An Oath”
  7. “Evocation”
  8. “The Miraculous”
  9. “Stranger”

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