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Beautiful Honesty: Jason Vitelli – “Pinwheel”

  • April 22, 2018
  • 1 min read
Beautiful Honesty:  Jason Vitelli – “Pinwheel”

Jason Vitelli


Head Above Tide

Jason Vitelli is a great singer/songwriter in the Elvis Costello/Nick Lowe style, with his own twist (mainly is wonderful voice).  No one today is capable of comparing the troubles of romance with a carwreck, and yet make the allusion work without sappiness or bitterness or being overdramatic.  We’ve all been in that romance that is careening out of control, so Vitelli is easy to identify with.  Also, Vitelli always comes across as genuine and honest, no posing for the camera, so to speak.  If you love pure music (with a Motown influence) saying what he thinks without the flash, Jason Vitelli is the man.  Elvis Costello would be proud.  (Oh, speaking of Elvis, listen to his version of “Suspicious Mind”)

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