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Calipopicana: Kylie Hughes – “Never Ever”

  • July 23, 2016
  • 1 min read

kylie hughes

Kylie Huges

“Never Ever”

Kylie Hughes has followed up her album Calipopicana with “Never Ever”, a stunningly beautiful song in that style that is so Hughes that she just created a new music form – Calipopicana.  Hughes reminds me of a more positive Lana del Rey, with this beautiful, angelic voice. To me, Hughes plays the ‘good’ girl to del Rey’s ‘bad’ girl.  Hughes is beautiful, she is strong, she is ready to move on, and she wants to bring her listeners with her on this new journey of hers.  The video for “Never Ever” is not only aurally beautiful, but it is visually stunning.  As “Video Games” made del Rey, “Never Ever” is definitely going to make Hughes.  Let’s join her on her discovery.

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