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Chanteuse Croonings: Kali Uchis – “Loner”

  • December 4, 2015
  • 1 min read

kali uchis

Kali Uchis


Por Vida

Kali Uchis was born in Pereira, Colombia. At age seven, she emigrated with her family to Alexandria, Virginia. Uchis writes and produces most of her own music.  And want she does is amazing.  She is so Lana del Reyish without being a copycat.  She is tremendous and very sexy.  She makes being along seem like a lot of fun. As her press on YouTube says:

There’s something strangely calming about watching Kali Uchis dance by the jukebox, sip candy-coloured milkshakes and sing beneath the neon lights of an abandoned drive-in. Maybe it’s because her voice drifts like icing sugar over a cake, or maybe it’s because she’s completely, gloriously alone – and sometimes there is nothing more liberating.

Uchis shows how liberating and beautiful being alone can be.  Uchis and her car match perfectly.  I love it when this chanteuse croons, “I am not a cigarette; I am not an ashtray.”  And later, when she sings, “I would rather be a loner.”  And you know she means.  Gorgeous.

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