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Demanding Brilliance: Yonatan Gat – “Cue The Machines”

  • April 22, 2018
  • 1 min read
Demanding Brilliance:  Yonatan Gat – “Cue The Machines”

Yonatan Gat

“Cue The Machines”


And now for something completely different.  Yonatan Gat has created a musical experience unlike anything most of you have ever heard.  “The undefinable track opens with an Italo-Spanish choir recorded by Alan Lomax in 1950s Genoa – but it only takes 20 seconds for the voices get manipulated, chopped and mangled beyond recognition into stuttering rhythms below Yonatan’s live band – guitar, bass, saxophone and drums working up an uncontrollable maelstrom of punk and free jazz.”  This is not surprising coming from the former member of Israel’s notorious garage punk band, Monotonix, which actually got kicked out of Israel.  This is very daring, very engaging, very beautiful music palette not for the week of heart.  Remember the reaction to Impressionism by the French public at first?  That’s the reaction a lot of people raise concerning Gat.  I believe he is on the cutting edge of a new music Renaissance.  Listen to this music, let it envelop you, you will love it.

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