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Distopian Future: ShapeShiftingAliens – “Fade Away”

  • January 13, 2019
  • 1 min read
Distopian Future:  ShapeShiftingAliens – “Fade Away”


“Fade Away”


ShapeShiftingAliens is a Swedish duo, consisting of Johan Cléve on vocals and Niklas Rundquist, also known as solo artist by the monker Brainshadow. This duo delves the darkest parts of Bowie’s Tin Machine and Trent Reznor and mixes them in an Enoish way to make this aurally thrilling (in both beauty and horror) warning of a distopian future, which many of us see as a true possibility.  Couple the thick, industrial sound with the breathtaking video, and you get a song that is perfect for the times with its realism and unflinching view of the future.

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