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Dystopia Beauty: Nir Yaniv – “The Voice Remains”

  • May 13, 2018
  • 1 min read
Dystopia Beauty:  Nir Yaniv – “The Voice Remains”

Nir Yaniv

“The Voice Remains”

The Voice Remains

You want something great but completely different?  Step into multi-artist Nir Yaniv’s unique vision.  The Voice Remains is the story of a future/past far off society (or is it future earth?) where complete obedience is expected and what happens to a young creature who rebels and wants to get off the planet.  The album is compromised entirely by vocals and drums. All the vocals, including the ones serving as bass, guitars and keyboards, were performed by Nir, while the drums were played by, Israeli musician, Karen Teperberg. The combination of the two bring this dystopian vision world to life, and gives us all something to think about while enjoying this unique music.  Inspiration for the project came from an eclectic range of music and art, including vintage funk, 70’s progressive rock, famous movie soundtracks and old French animation films. It also builds upon Nir’s past work with vocal groups (Funkapella, Vocaliens, King&Nir) and as a live musician for a dance company. All in all, this is a beautiful piece.  Listen and learn

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