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Fragile Strength: Tigers Jaw – “June”

  • May 31, 2017
  • 2 min read

Tigers Jaw



What a great shoegaze band this is.  This is one band I can’t stop listening to.  They get into your head somehow, and in an especially good way.  Perfect for summer evenings (evening and dawn are my only times I love).  Coming from beautiful Scranton, PA, Tigers Jaw is comprised of Ben Walsh (guitars, vocals, drums, bass) and Brianna Collins (keyboards, vocals).  Their crystal sound, like a clear glass, is so beautiful and fragile sounding, though underneath that fragility is a strong flow.  This is such beautiful music.  I believe that Tigers Jaw can revitalize the shoegaze music.  I am so grateful for this band.  Just read these lyrics; you’ll see what I mean by the underlying strength.

Cruel one convinced you in his stillness
in a dream, safe and harmless.

Unknown to you,
wolf in sheep’s clothing.
Hand over mouth
his secrets you’re holding.
I can see you and the ache you’re hiding,
I’m here you know I’ll always remind you.

Lonely one, I always knew.
The future tells a hazel view.
Gemstone, like polish and acetone.
For you are my sister sewn.
I know you like the drive home.
Breathe deep, the knower’s perspective
you’ll see how the rest of this is undeniable.

Hold out for June, it brings new season.
Vision is clear, your mind revealing.
Pressing the flower in the page.
Forever kept, a memory made.
Now you’re so sure, you’re always leading.
All the same words now bring new meaning.
I can hear you and I know you’re singing,
“I’m here you know I’ll always remind you.”

Lovely one
Four leaf luck
Skilled hands built you up.

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