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Fun With A Message: PISS-OFF! – “Juke Jack Jerk What!/ Boi Yeah Boi No”

  • August 10, 2016
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“Juke Jack Jerk What!/ Boi Yeah Boi No”

Perfect Is For Remixes

I don’t know what is about PISS-OFF! that I love so much.  Maybe because it is their sense of fun, their sense of irreverence while still tackling important subjects.  PISS‐OFF! are Anika Trujillo (vocals/electronics) and Daniel a.k.a. Gumball Eyeball (vocals/electronics). The band met in summer of 2012 when Eyeball posted on Craigslist that he was interested in starting a band ‐ it was through this that he met Trujillo.  This meeting proved to be a stroke of luck for us, the music public.  I love these guys.  At the end of the video is a quote from Miss Major Griffin-Gracy:

Tomorrow don’t have to be this way.  Tomorrow my younger girls can go out; be who they need to be.  Freely, that’s what counts.

This sums off PISS-OFF! better than anything I can think of.

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