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Funk/Punk/Rock – Bizzythowed – “Life Is Here”

  • July 17, 2016
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“Life Is Here”

Blank Check, Volume 1

You love your funk with a heavy rock kick?  Listen to Bizzythowed.  Man, this guy places a mean fricking guitar.  Blistering.  With Bizzy on guitar/vocals, Teddy on Bass, and Marco on drums, Bizzythowed throws together a sound without reference points, because it is so original and new.  They call themselves funk/punk/rock, and I can think of no better title.  They sound a little like the Red Hot Chili Peppers mixed with Living Colour, with some Toni Iommi guitar and a little Slash.  All I know is Bizzythowed kicks major ass.  According to Mass Appeal, Blank Check Volume I is:

 “an audio representation of a ’90s Bonnie and Clyde driving in a hot-wired jalopy through the Sonoran Desert. “

The power is there, the voice is there, the guitar is amazing, the rhythm section is outstanding:  Bizzythowed is an amazing band.  Check them out.  (Oh, and the picture of Bizzy walking away with his guitar slung over his back is so Spaghetti Western/Sergio Leone/Eastwood connotations that fit perfectly with the bands sound.)

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  • Incredible article. Very insightful; agree on all topics.
    I love the way you described this music; really enjoyed reading your viewpoint.

  • Great!

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