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Glorious Duet: Lady & Jones – “I’m Not Sorry

  • January 8, 2017
  • 1 min read

Lady & Jones

“I’m Not Sorry”

Lady & Jones

What beautiful harmonies.  I haven’t heard a couple duet so well since Ashford and Simpson.  It is really wonderful when couples in love can write and perform together so smoothly, even while dealing with subjects like toxic relations.  Obviously, “I’m Not Sorry” is an observational song; not part of their life.  But, that is what makes Lady & Jones so unique.  Not only to they harmonize like angels, but they can observe people and circumstances outside their ken and sympathize, understand, and write about it in the first person.  If “I’m Not Sorry” is any indication of their talent, the couple from Ohio, Matthew and Amber Jones, are going to make a huge splash in 2017.

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