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Horror Sound Track: Super Snake – “Lavish Sum Of Dread”

  • June 25, 2017
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Horror Sound Track:  Super Snake – “Lavish Sum Of Dread”
(Photo Credit: Luke Brereton)

Super Snake

“Lavish Sum Of Dread”

Leap Of Love

It’s so wonderful that there is still room left for great garage/doom/metal.  In fact, if you need the soundtrack to your next true horror movie, choose Super Snake.  They know how to create music that makes your skin crawl, you start to hear voices, the world just looks a little different (creepier, in fact).  To make the album that much more isolated-sounding, the band hiked to a deserted cabin in the Virginia mountains.  The sound is amazing.

For Leap Of Love, the band scouted a location in northern Virginia and stumbled across a hunting cabin in the woods on a 150-acre property in a small mountain town called Zepp. They knew they would be isolated, with no cell phone service, no cable, no rules, and tons of room to freak themselves out. It was perfect. The only caveat was, how were they actually going to track? (Kevin) Antreassian (from The Dillinger Escape Plan) had them covered.

Drums were tracked in a massive tool shed with a tin roof. Guitars were recorded right off the porch of the cabin, facing the mountains. The bass — right next to a bon fire so big it was melting the clouds above. Vocals were snuggly produced in a small living room filled with taxidermied bears, deer, and turkeys alongside a cozy fire in the depths of night. This was exactly what the boys wanted.

The band, from New Jersey (of course) is comprised of jesse. jerry. joe. pete. nick.  They call their music psyched-out post-whatever (which really helps) and their biography says “Super Snake is a Ouija board chopped up into little pieces, made into kindling, stuffed into your pipe.”  A better description I couldn’t make.  If you like early Sabbath, you’ll love this band.  I know I do.

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