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In Memorium: David Bowie – 1947 – 2016 – ???

  • January 11, 2016
  • 2 min read

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This is an odd post for me, but I had to tell the world how absolutely devastated I am by the loss of one if not the NUMBER ONE hero and biggest influence in my life.  David Bowie, born 69 years ago as David Jones, was an actor/musician/singer/songwriter/humanitarian/artist and more.  His music and his life shaped my whole being.  He was always the outsider,  the alien, feeling his way around this planet we called Earth, never quite belonging.  He had his faults, but even with those faults, he made some of the most beautiful music ever.  Growing up gay, Bowie was my role model.  He taught me to be who you are.  People called him The Chameleon, but he was always David Bowie in the core, no matter what part he played.  He was the Cary Grant, the Sir Laurence Olivier, the Dali, the Leonardo da Vinci, the Frank Lloyd Wright, the I.M. Pei, the CS Lewis, the E.M. Forster, the Sylvia Plath, the Shakespeare, the Anne Sexton, the Andre Genet:  all the outsiders in the art world rolled into one.  There will never be another Bowie.  My heart is super sad, but also joyful that for a short while, we were blessed by his presence.  God Speed, Major Tom, God Speed.


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