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Mesmerizing morphism: Acra – “EN”

  • October 15, 2015
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Let’s get right to the point:  Arca is a genius, but he is extremely strange and makes beautiful but disturbing music.  According to his press:

Where Arca’s previous release Xen (2014) was introspective, Mutant is outwardly emboldened. Dedicated to and colored by the important people in Arca’s life, Mutant illustrates the continuing mutations catalyzed by loved ones: friends, family, acquaintances. Arca morphs for them and because of them. Both releases are contortionist shape-shifters, but where Xen asked us to meet her in her world, Mutant comes out to meet us in the light. Mutant is suggestively agape, embracing multiple sensualities with refreshing softness. Jesse Kanda’s organic cover art, luminous where Xen’s was shrouded, is a reflection of this.

The video of “EN” reminds me of a modern art exhibit at MOMA or Carnegie Art Museum, but with some of the best ambient music I’ve heard for quite a while.  Arca is all about morphing.  You never know exactly what, who, where Arca is, but he takes you with him.  Remember that great trippyness you felt listening to Eno’s first ambient album or Yans Thiermen, well, Arca is even more so.  The video is definitely part of the song.  Whoever thought that a video focusing on tall leather go-go boots would be as mesmerizing?  Arca did.  I loved this sound.  Arca has the ability to free your mind and letting it ‘morph’.

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