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Mythology: Vexxed – “Heaven’s Away Team”

  • April 15, 2018
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“Heaven’s Away Team”

Thank You Soooo Much

When you base your first single on the Heaven’s Gate cult, you know that you are definitely something different.  And Vexxed is definitely different.  I love this band.  You cannot describe them (at least, I can’t).  They need to be listened to to be appreciated.  And once you hear them, you will never forget them.  Their meeting and coming together is a story all to itself:

Zach Sewall and Max Steen met when they were 5 years old in Hebrew School and grew up playing music together—eventually becoming estranged and reuniting in Philadelphia in 2014. Steen met Lucy Stone through Sewall, who offered him a room in her North Philadelphia apartment. The trio coalesced—and that winter, Vexxed was born, the band name taken from a humorous appreciation for the Affliction clothing brand and the Travel Channel program Ghost Adventures.

The whole EP is created with a sense of humor about the mythology of life.  What a great band.  Listen and be swept away.

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