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Perfect Pop: Christopher Young – “Go”

  • September 19, 2017
  • 1 min read
Perfect Pop:  Christopher Young – “Go”

Christopher Young


Christopher Young has just released a miracle single:  a pop jewel that is beautiful, tender, and loving without be sugary sweet or auto-tuned to all tomorrow.  Young is from LA, and he has some chops that are amazing.  Former member of pop band New Heights, Young decided to take a risk and go solo. As his publicity so succinctly says:

The thoughtful lyrics touch on what it feels like to pursue something, or someone when there is a lot at stake. Characterized by shimmering production, feathery vocals and attentive songwriting, the track serves as the perfect introduction to Young’s dynamic sound.  

There is such tenderness and longing in Young’s voice.  This is the music for the summer.  You want to woo that person you admire?  Play Young’s music for them.  His voice will hypnotize you.

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