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Post Punk Beauty: Crooked Ghost – “Sleepwalker”

  • August 5, 2018
  • 1 min read
Post Punk Beauty:  Crooked Ghost – “Sleepwalker”

Crooked Ghost


Skeleton House

One of my favorite bands, Crooked Ghost, has a new video out, and man, it’s a killer.  Coming from Asheville, NC, Crooked Ghost is one of those bands who has combined the Velvet Underground with Echo and The Bunnymen to create a sound that is like yet unlike.  Imagine if Lou and Ian had childern; welcome to Crooked Ghost.  Right now, there is really no one like them.  They are thickly atmospheric, with these beautiful sweeps of guitar over an otherworldly voice that at times sounds almost tired, worn out, yet struggling to move on.  This is beautifully scary music.  The album should be out soon.  I recommend getting it as soon as possible.  In fact, play it for that friend of yours who is too damned cheerful.  This will sober them up.  (To me, that is the hugest of complements).

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