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Post Punk Beauty: IT IT ANITA – “25 (From Floor To Ceiling)”

  • October 15, 2016
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“25 (From Floor To Ceiling)

Recorded By John Agnello

What a great band. Coming from Liege, Belgium, IT IT ANITA is a tremendous noise, postpunk band.  Comprised of Mike Goffard + Damien Aresta + Mika Verbeeck + Bryan Hayart, this band is super killer.  The video, with all the beautiful stars past and present, is creepy in a beautiful way, and it fits the lyrics in a weird way.  Read the lyrics:

hairy like a spider
you’re jumping on the ceiling

totally plastered
you’re dancing on the ceiling

one : you never refuse
two : just keep your mind open
three : suck in the experience
four : never get hurt
five : push it to the max
six : right to the end
seven : I give you my number
height : you will not die today

cunning like a spider
you’re jumping on the ceiling

completely loaded
you’re dancing on the ceiling

So amazing.  I can feel the emotions coming off the stars’ faces and the reactions are perfect.  I love noise post punk (think Lydia Lunch, Les Baton Rouge, Gay For Johnny Depp).  And coming from my favorite country.  I love this band.  Check them out.

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