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Post Punk In Its Glory: Auld – “Need Her Still”

  • February 24, 2019
  • 1 min read
Post Punk In Its Glory:  Auld – “Need Her Still”
Libby Burke Wilde


“Need Her Still”

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There is something of The Pixies and Interpol in the music of Auld, but on the whole, this band is paving new ground with a fresh post post punk sound that might hearken back to the ’80’s but is most definitely rooted in the teens.  This is great music from a praiseworthy band.  Based in Kilburn, London, Auld was started by Thomas Pitts as a solo project. They currently perform as a 6-piece, with Pitts joined by Alan Giles, Brian Wortman, Rachel Hearne, Glen Giles, and James Milner.  Pitts has one of the remarkable voice that sounds like Tom Waits not smoking and drinking all his life, but with the same bitterness.  And the yelps provided by Hearne (and her great backing vocals) adds a surprise to the whole sound, enriching it.  The whole band rocks like hell.  What a great entry in the post punk category.

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