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SEE: Bad Citizen – “What It Fall”

  • September 20, 2015
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Bad Citizen

Bad Citizen

“Watch It Fall”

Citizens Rise

You want kick-ass rock ‘n’ roll, no frills, just great music?  Bad Citizen is the band for you.  I love the fact that they’re YouTube video for “Watch It Fall” shows them at their best – LIVE.  This is great rock music, something that has been missing in the scene.  Bad Citizen is the band you want playing at that local dive you hang out in (and you know you have one).  Nothing against dives; the best bars in the world, CBGB’s Max’s Kansas City, Cedar’s in Youngstown, Ohio, were dive bars with the best rock ‘n’ roll ever.  Thank you, Bad Citizen, for giving me back that love of kick ass, drunk as hell, no holds barred rock.

“With members from several local NYC bands including J and the 9s, The Shipwrecks, and Last Parade, Matt Southerland (vocals), Frankie Figz (guitar), Patrick Fischer (bass), and Steve Garcia (drums) bonded over the desire to create a new take on the defining sounds that molded classic rock and roll; inspired by acts ranging from James Brown, Marvin Gaye and Howling Wolf to Led Zeppelin and Thin Lizzy.”

All these influences have combined to give you Bad Citizen (I knew I heard a little Thin Lizzy there).  Thanks, guys.  Keep rocking.

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