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SEE: Thousand Days – “Turkana Days”

  • May 3, 2015
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thousand days

Thousand Days

“Turkana Days”

Turkana Days

This is one amazing band.  Founded in 2003 by singer Pardis Sabeti and guitarist Bob Katsiaficas and later joined by drummer Matt Hayden, Thousand Days is really unbelievable.  Sounding like a mix of Hole (if Courtney Love sang rather than screamed) and R.E.M., Thousand Days is an hard kicking band with something to say.  And the video for “Turkana Days” is, well, just watch it.  As Pardis Sabeti described the video:

“I had been thinking for a long time that I would want a video of Turkana Boy roaming the streets of a modern city, trying to understand the chaos, and sending us warnings for our future,” explains Sabeti of the Crave-premiered clip. “Bob found the talented Adio Ash from his amazing videos online, and we were thrilled he agreed to work with us. From there the video is Adio’s vision. He found Brandon Worby, the remarkable young actor who embodied Turkana Boy, and together they ran through New York capturing beautiful and playful imagery. I loved the whole video, but my favorite part was in Time Square as the fantastical characters circled around Turkana Boy.”

All together, the video and the song work together to bring Thousand Days to life.  And not only does Sabeti kick ass in the great Riot Grrrl style, she also is an award winning, world-renowned researcher and professor at Harvard Medical School. When she is not lending her “haunting vocals” (Austin Daze) to Thousand Days, the 2014 TIME Person of the Year is giving lectures on genetics, winning awards from The Smithsonian and the World Economic Forum, and being featured everywhere from CNN to Nova. WOW!!!!

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