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See – Simon Panrucker – “Man From France”

  • October 26, 2014
  • 1 min read

Simon Panrucker

Simon Panrucker

“Man From France”

Hello My Name Is Simon Panrucker

OH MY GOD!  Simon Panrucker is the most fun ever.  Think of a crazier Cazwell.  His outfits are totally insane, his lyrics are so much fun, and his music is so danceable.  Anyone who yells at the end of a song, “let’s hear it for Pteradactyls” is great in this book.  If you want great fun from an artist who really enjoys what he’s doing, Panrucker is your man.  To complete your life, put Panrucker’s music right next to Lydia Lunch for those complete opposite feelings we all have.  If you’re allergic to fun, run fast the other way.  If you want to shake your ass and have fun doing it, check out Simon Panrucker.  Dance like a Man from France.

Simon Panrucker

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