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Spanish New Wave: La Niña Rabiosa – “Hace Tiempo”

  • February 18, 2018
  • 1 min read
Spanish New Wave:  La Niña Rabiosa – “Hace Tiempo”

La Niña Rabiosa 

“Hace Tiempo”

La Niña Rabiosa

What a great band.  This bands just kicks ass.  The band, coming from Spain, has the right stuff; great guitar riffs, wonderful vocals, and the rhythm section that keeps the track moving at a wonderful paste.  La Niña Rabiosa is comprised of AGUSTIN RABIOSO : Guitarra & Voz; ALFONSO RABIOSO : Bajo & Programaciones; and GUTI RABIOSO : Bateria & Percusiones.  This is a great New Wave band.  They remind me of Dwight Twilley.  I love them.  This album will make people stand up and take notice.  Personal note:  I love Spanish and its many dialects being song.  No language flows as beautifully with music.

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