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Stroamate – “A Fantasy”

  • January 18, 2015
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“A Fantasy”

Stroamata, originally from Boston but now located in Brooklyn, is a strong rock-hard quartet made up of Dorothy (Dara) Eagle (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) joined Robert (Rob) Morrison (lead guitar, vocals), Akil Marshall (bass), and Alexander Markowitz (drums/backing vocals).  This band combines the avant garde of Boston’s music scene (think Dresden Dolls) with the underbelly of Brooklyn (Lou Reed) and comes up with something totally outstanding and new.  Eagle, the lead singer, has a voice that soars and pounds away like Florence’s without being overproduced.  The production, being a little rough, visits the vision of this band perfectly.  Here is a band I would love to hear more of.  Rock on, kindred souls.

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