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Super Pop: Young Mammals – “Jaguar”

  • November 17, 2016
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Young Mammals



What a tremendous song.  I love Young Mammals.  They are so poppy, yet kick ass.  I love them; they can be very poppy and fun, yet they can be serious too.  The whole basis of the record is thus, in their own words:

The spiritual inspiration for the record comes in the form of Jean Rouch’s 1967 film of the same name, which was a masterwork of improvisation. The narrative focuses on a small group of men who have left their relatively simple confines at home to make the profitable yet treacherous trip to the former Gold Coast. “The energy of the film, the music, and the idea of becoming a jaguar in the city resonated with me,” says singer Carlos Sanchez. “That’s what started the initial writing for our record.”

Made up of Carlos Sanchez, Jose Sanchez, Cley Miller, and Justin Terrell, and coming form Houston, TX, Young Mammals has this sound that is unique yet familiar.  They do have that je ne sais quoi that is missing in a lot of bands.  They sound a little like Sugarcult.  Young Mammals definitely are one of the best bands out there.  Check them out.  

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