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The Lost Innocent: Felix and The Future – “Karen”

  • January 30, 2018
  • 1 min read
The Lost Innocent:  Felix and The Future – “Karen”

Felix And The Future


Holy Hands Vol. 2

Wow, not since Bowie’s Ziggy has an alien made such a great impact on the music scene. The album, Holy Hands Vol 2, blends primitive, tribal images and sounds with futuristic space explorations while telling Felix’s story of searching Earth and chasing false idols.

Felix and the Future is a runaway. He leaves Earth looking for home in Outer Space, where Holy Hands Vol. 2, begins. The songs are the soundtrack to his memories searching for false idols and prophets. He confronts characters, like Karen, who set the tone for the album. Each character and song brings him further into deep space.

The music videos are as important as the songs. They tell their own stories and are full of surreal and hyper-sexual character, like Felix, lost in the black of doubt and uncertainty.

Like Ziggy, Felix is a character we all can identify with.  Luckily, Felix and The Future have the talent to pull off this great work triumphantly.  Each song is tremendous and stands on its own.  What a worthy successor to Ziggy.  Thank you.

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