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The Story of Gus McArthur: Gus McArthur – “The Calling”

  • December 25, 2017
  • 3 min read
The Story of Gus McArthur:  Gus McArthur – “The Calling”

Gus McArthur

“The Calling”

My Gods, what a band.  This is what Nu Metal kept on promising us but never delivering.  This band is wonderfully theatric and hardcore at the same time.  I love and am scared of this band.  Imagine Faith No More with the theater of Queen and the changes in tone of Opeth and you have this great band.  Coming from Huntington Beach, Gus McArthur is comprised of Honan, The Hater, The Right Hand, and Johnson Zhang.  Let me quote their bio about Gus McArthur:


Who is Gus McArthur?

He first appeared in ancient times and has been seen over the centuries in many forms always taking the name of Gus McArthur. Rumored to be Welsh, Scottish, and even Roman he has always appeared in times of war and upheaval standing in the shadows, not quite visible, but always watching. In the last century Gus was present in the trenches during WWI, seen flying planes in the Battle of Britain during WWII, with rumors of Gus sightings even today in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Many attempts have been made to capture his image but the band Gus McArthur were the first to see him in his truest form and wear his mask to channel him in their performances. His words are their words, his music their music – biting, intense, and timeless. Gus is everywhere, has been there always, listen to what he has to say.

Chapter 1: Hysterics is the first studio EP release from Gus McArthur, a new band whose style reflects an eclectic blend influenced as much by Freddie Mercury & Queen as by Corey Taylor and Slipknot. Centered around intricate guitar riffs, astounding vocals, thought provoking lyrics, high energy compositions, punctuated by drums that will take your head off, Gus McArthur is a force to be reckoned with.

Gus McArthur is the collaborative effort of two brothers, Honan and Gordon each from a different musical background that in late 2014 decided to combine their unique styles into a blend of their genres and influences. The result is an EP of all new music unlike any other. It is audacious, fast, hard hitting, and lyrical all at the same time.

Honan McArthur aka “The Destroyer” picked up a guitar when he was sixteen and never put it down. His Composition of intricate solos, classical infusion, melodic metal riffs and thrash metal define the sound of every Gus McArthur song. Completely self taught from the age of sixteen, Honan has utilized his skills and passion displaying influence by some of the greatest names in metal guitar. As he says, “eight hours a day is a job and it’s my job to play guitar.”

Gordon aka “The Hater” is the 25 year old front man who leads Gus McArthur with spoken word influenced vocals and lyrics. With a background in underground hip hop The Hater is in the face of an audience driving them to simultaneously think and listen to the attacking sound of Gus McArthur.

Johnson Zhang aka “The Z” is truly a one of kind drummer. Originally from China he has been schooled by some of the best drummers in the world and is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by the metal world. Johnson holds his own and then some as the heartbeat of Gus McArthur with a precision that is relentless.

Yeah, this is an amazing band.  Check them out.  Love them.

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