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The Ultimate Singles Band: Fort Atlantic – “Just Hold On”

  • June 22, 2017
  • 2 min read
The Ultimate Singles Band:  Fort Atlantic – “Just Hold On”
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Fort Atlantic

“Just Hold On”

Shadow Shaker Vol 1

What a great band.  This poppy blend of light and dark has that 90’s sound updated to the 10’s.  Think of The Smithereens.  They seem to be the best band to compare them to; but, don’t get the idea these Portland boys are rip-offs.  Fort Atlantic, comprised of Jon Black – Vocals, Guitar, Synths, Programming; Evan Railton – Drums, Programming, Synths;  and Tim Coulter – Bass, are anything but rip-offs.  From their music which balances between folky troubadourian and hard ass-kicking music, to their whole idea of releasing a song a month before the release date in early 2018, Fort Atlantic crushes the competition with music that is fresh and today, using all their combined resources to make music different than the norm.  According to Black:

“We want to give each song the life it deserves. We live in a time where it is much easier to give people a deeper experience with music, and we want to make sure we have time to do that.”

Seriously, this is a band worth the experience, and the release idea helps you get your head around each song before you can get the total effect, like the Beatles, who would release singles first, then release them all on an a single album.  That’s what Fort Atlantic actually is:  the ultimate single band.

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