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Voice Extraordinaire: Adam Torres – “Juniper Arms”

  • November 15, 2016
  • 2 min read


Adam Torres

“Juniper Arms”

Pearls Before Swine

What a voice, an amazing voice.  You hear and you think, what the hell (or heaven).  Where is that voice coming from?  I truly believe I haven’t heard a voice like this forever.  As an undergraduate going to Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, Torres made a huge name for himself playing with Southeast Engines before going solo in 2006.  Then he disappeared, but now he is back with a passion.  As his bio says:

On Pearls to Swine, his songs are earnest and full of yearning, yet still difficult to divine the concrete relatability that lives within. It transcends his humble Ohio roots, a work of startling beauty that sits in your head like a half-remembered dream: you keep returning to it, trying to approach it from different angles and catch the secrets you’re missing before they slip away into the haze.

With his intense voice, Torres presents all the weirdness in his mind in a way like no other.  His voice sounds like no one; he had get Jeff Buckleyish and then, all of a sudden, he hits notes like David Surchamp for Pavlov’s Dog.  This is music that is beautiful and intense.  I love him.

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