HEAR: Atmospheric Indie Rock | Jadu Heart – ‘Derealised’

Derealised is the second full-length album by the British duo Jadu Heart, released in 2020. The album consists of ten tracks and features a blend of genres, including electronica, R&B, and pop. One of the strengths of the album is … Continue Reading

HEAR: Psychedelic Rock | Das Kope – “So Happy” + Stunning Album ‘Where I Live’

Los Angeles-via-Brazil artist Das Kope has released “So Happy” a follow-up single to their debut album Where I Live. The melodious, psychedelic track sounds like the love child of Tame Impala and Pond. If you love this song you will LOVE … Continue Reading

HEAR: Chill Indie Rock | Tutankhamun – “Ask Me Again”

We are thrilled to share Tutankhamun: a solo project from multi-instrumentalist Olly Toomey. “Ask Me Again” harkens back to chill 70s soft rock. The entire album is a masterpiece and we are excited to hear more from this artist.  Take … Continue Reading

HEAR/SEE: Interstellar Synth Pop – Pearl and The Oysters – “Paraiso”

Pop from Pluto? Pearl and the Oysters are a Los Angeles-based, French expatriate duo consisting of Juliette Pearl Davis & Joachim Polack. They create sounds that feel like you’re on a beach on another planet with not a soul around. … Continue Reading

Interview with Of Montreal

It was an honor to interview the mastermind behind Of Montreal and sole member of the enigmatic indie pop-rock band—however, they are much more than a pop-rock band and infuse a plethora of musical genres in their clever and incomparable … Continue Reading

HEAR/SEE: Of Montreal – “Blab Sabbath Lathe Of Maiden”

Of Montreal’s Freewave Lucifer F<ck F^ck F>ck is their 18th full-length album and another snapshot of the band in a state of manic deconstruction, retooling 2020’s hooky, ’80s-inspired UR FUN into a dance-rock collage. “Blab Sabbath Lathe of Maiden” is an … Continue Reading

SEE: Fever Ray – “Kandy” w/ brother Olof – THE KNIFE

New track and music video for “Kandy” out now! Fever Ray on Kandy: “The Kandy lyrics have elements of the idea of psithurism and some Thoreau findings, to accompany the track’s nature setting with swimming and all.” Olof Dreijer on … Continue Reading

The 10 Best Albums of 2022

Rock and pop shined triumphantly as multilingual music became more mainstream, personalisation came to the forefront, TikTok acted as a career launchpad, short videos gained power, and further blending of genres exploded! It’s a great time to be an active listener … Continue Reading

REVIEW: Antoine Diligent – La Forma

Antoine Diligent’s follow-up to Futurisms is a whimsical trip through the human-psyche compromised of exceptional psychedelic instrumentals. On La Forma Diligent sings “you better know what you want to say before you put on a show” and it’s a clear … Continue Reading

The 10 Best Albums of 2021

It was a year of recovery and hope with a sprinkle of setbacks. Music had no setbacks and some of the best albums of the last decade were released with the list we have below. Check it out and let … Continue Reading