DJ Vito Fun’s Pretty & Dirty Mix

As the title suggests it’s a mix of ‘dirty’ and ‘pretty’. It begins with a radio interviewer speaking to a guy about the 90s and how crazy they must have been. The guy he’s interviewing (someone pretending to be Brian Austin Green) goes on to say that the 90s were in fact crazy and that one night he got messed up on “Special K” with Ian Zeiring and f*cked McCauley Culkin whom was drunk at the time. Now if that’s not a precursor to where things are about to go then I’m not sure what is.

We blast off with “Emergency” by Object One then we’re taken on a journey through the music of Free Masons, Rihanna, Lana Del Rey, Loreen and many more. The transitions are smooth, the songs perfect and the beats hypnotic.

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