10 Indie Songs That Will Make You Fall In LOVE


Happy Valentine’s day AudioFUZZ-ers! There are several cheesy love songs that we all know but when it comes to indie love songs, can you name 5? 10? more? Let us help kick-start (or recharge) your love life with this FUZZ-a-licious list full of indie gems that will make your heart go boom. <3

10. Meiko – “Stuck On You”

From the boom of the drum (heart) in the beginning to the finger snapping (happy feeling) to softly sung lyrics (smitten), we slip instantly into this cute, happy feeling of love (or at least we desire to)!

9. Belle & Sebastian – “Funny Little Frog”

Belle sings “you’re my fashion tip, a living museum, I’d pay to visit you on rainy Sundays, I’ll maybe tell you all about it someday…” An incredibly sweet love song about being in love with the girl in the picture on his wall. Creepy? No, we think it’s adorable and how many of us haven’t fallen in love with the image we have of someone anyway!?

8. Devendra Banhart – “Lover”

Some may say that Devendra Banhart isn’t really talking about “love” in this song but despite the myriad of sexual innuendos, we do feel that this is a person that is really in love, or lust, with someone else. Banhart sings “I’m gonna build a bond, I’m pullin’ out my wand, feels so right it can’t be wrong.” Hey at least he pulled his wand out.

7. The Lumineers – “Ho Hey”

Love has it’s share of ups and downs and the Lumineers catch that quite beautifully in “Ho Hey,” which tells the story of a man in angst after his girlfriend (or wife) leaves him. His plea for her to come back and vow of love is stated triumphantly, “I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweetheart.”

6. Damien Rice – “Blower’s Daughter”

This is a tear-jerker but it’s also one of the more beautifully written song stripped of it’s dramatics revealing love in its pure form.

5. Temper Trap – “Sweet Disposition”

That song from ‘500 Days of Summer’ that nearly everyone on the planet has heard about now. It could be about many things but given its context we lean towards the idea that we never really change when we’re in love, we kind of always act and feel the same; and that’s okay.

4. The Maccabees – “Toothpaste Kisses”

There’s something about the banjo that is so endearing when played with a love song. The Maccabees “woo” you into the idea of living with the one you love and giving each other “toothpaste kisses” every night at bedtime. It’s dreamy. :)

3. Rogue Wave – “Eyes”

One of the quintessential indie rock love songs sung by the California-based rock group Rogue Wave. This song speaks of the requited love two people living a distance apart have for each other. Simply sung, “I can handle a lot but one thing I’m missing is in your eyes.”

2. Regina Spektor – “Us”

You ever see that cute couple that annoys you? Well that’s not this. This is about that cute couple whose love is so contagious that it spreads and inspires others. Spektor sings, “they made a statue of us, the tourists come and stare at us.” Immortalize yourselves in a statue; now there’s a thought.

1. Jose Gonzalez – “Heartbeats”

While this isn’t Jose Gonzalez’s song, his version is sung with a haunting beauty in comparison to the first, which was written and sung by the Knife. Jose Gonzalez’s hypnotic voice paired with his beautiful acoustic guitar is magnetic to the ears. It won’t take you long to realize the sadness that comes with this lost love, but we’re left remembering how deep the love was.

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  1. Love some of these songs! Especially Damien Rice and Regina Spektor and the ‘Heartbeats’ cover.

    My list would include: Oasis -‘Champagne Supernova’, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – ‘Maps’, Jens Lekman – ‘Arms Around Me’, Radiohead – ‘True Love Waits’, Erasure – ‘A Little Respect’ and How to Dress Well – ‘&itwasU’

  2. Hi JT!

    Thank you so much for commenting. I can’t believe I forgot Erasure, Oasis and Radiohead’s songs!! Thank you for adding these to the list!

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