1983 Live Again: Pylon – “Gravity/Weather Radio”



“Gravity/Weather Radio”

Pylon Live

It’s 1983 again, hurray.  Pylon has released a live single.  Who’s Pylon, you ask?  Just the third side of the huge trilogy of Athens, GA, bands which included the B-52’s and REM.  Pylon fell in the middle between seriousness of REM, and the playfulness of the B-52’s.  Pylon knew how to rock.  They were one of the greatest bands ever.  Please catch their live single.  Relive the best of the 80’s.  Live, Pylon was a barrel of excitement.  Chunklet released a 7 ” vinyl single Gravity/Weather Radio (2016) from upcoming double LP “PYLON LIVE” (2016). All material was recorded at their first last show on December 1, 1983 at the Mad Hatter in Athens.  Pylon was comprised of Michael Lachowski, bass; Curtis Crowe, drums; Vanessa Brisco Hay, Vocals; and (until his death in 2009), Randall Bewley, guitar.  Thank you so much to Chunklet and to Pylon themselves for releasing this wonderful example of Pylon’s beautiful live show.

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