Adam Ant Release’s Perfect Punk Song “Punkyoungirl”

Adam Ant
Adam Ant is the BlueBlack Hussar Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter

Finally, Adam Ant releases the perfect punk song I knew he and Marco Pinoni have always had within them. This isn’t your normal Adam Ant song at all. No references to “how great I am and and no one realizes it, poor me.” No, this is a heavy song about SEX. Ant and Marconi come up with great lines like “Lift up your skirt, let me lick the alphabet”, or “She said nothing tastes as good as skinny tastes”, or “we are, we are, we are what we wear.” Ant’s voice is so weird, like he’s straining for every not. Pironi’s guitar is so rough sounding, a lot like his work with the Wolfmen. This song came out of the blue but I totally love it. I do worry that Ant has lost the small grip on life he had, but I am enjoying the ride. Thank you Adam Ant.

9 stars on the FUZZscale

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