60’s Revival On Her Own Terms: Emergency Tiara – “Quiet But Not”

emergency tiara2

Emergency Tiara

“Quiet But Not”

Combine Leslie Gore’s voice and Tracy Uhlman’s funky chic, and you have Emergency Tiara.  I love this woman, she is so quirky.  She seems at first listen to be channeling the spirit of the great female singers of the sixties (Gore, Dusty Spingfield, Petula Clark, Lulu, Cilla Black), but she adds this 2015 wit.  Unbolievable.  I have always loved mini skirts, Twiggy, and Carnaby Street; and then you add the production sound of today, you make me super happy.  Emergency Tiara, continue your quirkiness and 60’s revival.  We need it.  I know what I’m playing at my party, and Johnny better not go off with Julie.  The main difference is while Leslie Gore would cry, Emergency Tiara would move on.

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