A Fresh Sound: Graham The Empire – “The Best Of Me”

Graham The Empire

“The Best Of Me”


What a great band Graham The Empire is.  They remind you of the great pop rock bands of the ’70s and ’80s (Cheap Trick, The Babys), but there is so much more going on with these guys.  “Centered around classically trained pianist and guitarist, Graham Zebrasky, Graham The Empire is a three-piece alternative rock band from Indianapolis that delivers an electrifying sound with a modern edge. After beginning to experiment with songwriting and computer audio recording technology, Zebrasky met bassist Harry Gagnon, who helped him refine his early demos that would later become their debut EP. To flesh out their lineup, drummer Richard Crowe joined the band ahead of their debut release this fall.”  There is something so fresh and wonderful about their sound.  I guess a good description of the sound is, think of the first time you fell in love, that fresh, wild feeling, that free sensation:  this is the sound of Graham The Empire.  Digging this sound, I must admit.

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