A Journey Of Rediscovery: Preoccupations – “Degraded”





Formally known as Viet Cong, Preoccupations changed their name after a series of important changes.  When the four members of Preoccupations wrote and recorded their new record, they were in a state of near total instability. Years-long relationships ended; they left homes behind. Frontman Matt Flegel, guitarist Danny Christiansen, multi-instrumentalist Scott Munro and drummer Mike Wallace all moved to different cities.  They decided on Preoccupations as describing their feelings and their sound.  The sound is still the kick of Viet Cong, but they are more introspective as far as the lyrics go.  There was no central theme or idea to guide the band’s collective cliff jump. As a result, ‘Preoccupations’ bears the visceral, personal sound of holding onto some steadiness in the midst of changing everything.  The first single, “Degraded”, is a perfect example of their sound.  Starting with a screech, the song settles into a disturbing, Joy Division-like groove that just supports all the swirling music and vocals going on.  Preoccupations are a band rediscovering themselves and taking us along on this wonderful journey.

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