Accessible Oddness: Fig’s Vision – “Boy Pressure”

Fig’s Vision

“Boy Pressure”

Choo Choo

Fig’s Vision is an odd band, with a sound that is so unusual, and the video for the song may even be odder.  With a sound that seems to be a hybrid electronica and experimental pop, as if The Residents started jamming with The Red Hot Chili Peppers.  And that doesn’t even begin to describe their sound.  You really have to experience Fig’s Vision for yourself.  There is this funky sound bubbling underground, electronic effects float around in the background, and the vocals are in the atmosphere somewhere.  That sounds like it destined for failure, but Fig’s Vision pulls it off, draws you in, and actually makes you understand their ‘vision’.  The band is composed of Jordan Spoliansky, Gunner Sixx, Zackary Darling and Micheal Musselman. (Yeah, that’s Nikki Sixx’ kid, and no, they don’t sound like Motley Crue.)  Check them out.  I know you’ll get off on them like I did.

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