Acoustic Beauty: Georgia June – “Bunch of Oxymorons”

Georgia June

“Bunch Of Oxymorons”

Coming from Sydney, Australia, here comes Georgia June.  Her first single, “Bunch of Oxymorons”, is just her and her acoustic guitar.  As she sings, “We can fly on the ground”.  I love her voice; there seems to be something vulnerable yet strong, as if Chrissy Amphlett from the Divinyls or Torres wrote songs together.  I know that sounds awkward, but you really have to hear Georgia sing and play.  Her beautiful, yet simple guitar work is absolutely perfectly suited to her lyrics. It is an act of courage to play acoustically like Georgia does; similar to tightrope walking without a net.  And that bravery carries on to her personal approach to life.  Passionate about social justice issues, she typically writes songs about society, relationships, and politics.  She is exactly that type of singer/songwriter/poet we need in these troubled time.  A huge thank you again to Australia for sharing so much talent with us.

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