Alanis Morissette – “Rest” – Rest

Alanis Morissette – “Rest” – Rest

Yes, Alanis Morissette is back with another great song, a song she wrote for #MentalHealthAction Day…

“I’m sharing a song entitled “Rest” written specifically about those of us who struggle with depression and anxiety, isolation, suicidal ideation and the profound despair that mental illness can plunge us into. go to to learn how you can help support yourself and others today & every day.”

Morissette is the best person to sing a song about the struggle with depression and such.  Her songs have always about the inner turmoil that we, as humans, always are fighting.  Many people misunderstand Morissette and call her the Queen of Sad, but she isn’t.  Her music, for me, has often gotten me through many a bad day.  I love how her lyrics have never been written in perfect rhymes, but more as stream-of-consciousness, as if she were the best of Virginia Wolfe put to music.  The lyrics for “Rest” are very powerful (see below), and her voice has never been better.  She is touring with Garbage and Liz Phair.  If you have never seen Morissette live, you really need to do so. I was in the second row for one show, and I share, Morissette sang directly to me.  She is that in touch with her fans.


All these relief-givers

The needle sure revs in the red

Chemicals like hugs from inside

they feel like my best friend

You think me a coward

but I am a warrior

With many voices in my head

When I looked around and I reached out

I saw no alternative God rest,

God rest our souls

And this substance is the only comfort

I know

He’s been pushing for a while

Can we cut this man some slack

Let him lie down, let him lie down

We are a country desperate for the embryonic

I’m cold and I’m hungry

and I yearn for a hand on my forehead

You think it’s a walk in the park and it’s easy “She’s got it as good as it gets”

This misunderstanding’s the line

between living or being the walking dead And God rest, please rest our souls

And the more I take, the less comfort I know She’s been pushing for a while

Can we cut this woman slack

Let her lie down, let her lie down

The more that you hurl at me

The more I will curl up in my bed

where’s the humanity?

Aren’t we all hovering around the same end? Door number 1, 2 and 3 have been promises that aren’t real enough to be kept

You wish me a speedy recovery

But when you turn I plumb the depths

And God rest, God please rest our souls

This is the surest exit I have known

We’ve been hurting for a while

Can we cut ourselves some slack

Let us lie down, let us lie down

Let us lie down, let me lie down


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