Alien No Wave: This Is Wreckage – “One Last Speedstar”

This Is Wreckage

This Is Wreckage

“One Last Speedstar”


This is great frickin’ music.  This Is Wreckage kicks more ass than most bands in the world.  AC/DC and Motley Crue wish they could rock this frickin’ hard.  This band from Cardiff, Wales, is composed of Rugz – Bass/Vox, Pling – Drums/Vox, Grave – Guitar/Vox, and Machines Of Mystery – Noises.  What a band.  The guitar, bass, and drums kick ass and the noises in the background make it seem like aliens had landed, and the first album they heard was The Damned’s “Neat, Neat, Neat” or maybe the Sonics, “The Witch” or “Strychnine”.  All I know is, this band has really gotten my attention.  This is my type of true headbanging music.  Almost scary.  Makes me wonder if the stories of Torchwood might be true.  Give them a listen, if you dare.  Ah, Radiators From Space, that’s who they kinda remind me.

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