Alma Construct – “Deer Drink From The River”

alma construct

Alma Construct

“Deer Drink From The River”

Alma Construct

Alma Construct, aka 19-year-old Josh Thompson, introduces himself to the world in a smashing way.  “Deer Drink From The River” is an amazingly ambitious and expressive.  DDFRT is a snarling. menacing song that is hauntingly beautiful.  Inspired by La Planete Sauvage, a 70’s stop-motion science fiction allegory by Rene Laloux, Alma Construction’s music is a mix of industrial beats, synths, and hypnotic bass lines snaking in and out throughout the song.  The whole EP is a trippy, hallucinogenic audio workout.  Alma Construct has joined the elite group of great engineers/musicians like Eno, Plastikman, Yann Tiersen, and Moby.  What a beginning.  This EP is a trip to another dimension.

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