Alt Metal: Zedi Forder – “Killakarta”

Zedi Forder


Zedi Forder

What a great band.  Honestly, just when I thought alternative metal was dead, along comes Zedi Forder, with more great riffs and songs than you can shake a trident at.  This is a great melodic band that’s not too pretty, but doesn’t have that Cookie Monster voice to sell their music (listen, that fake Satanism gets old, guys).  Zedi Forder is fresh, like a harder Rush (without the histrionics) or Metallica without the bad attitude.  I haven’t heard a drummer with this great of a voice since the Romantics?  Seriously, think of that.  Zedi Forder is Vocals/Drums – Chris Kerley; Guitar – Mark Carstairs; and Bass – Rich Tomsett.  Kerley’s voice is so amazing, clear, precise, just plain great, while not loosing a beat.  And Carstairs has these licks any guitarist would want, and Tomsett knows his bass, loves his bass, and gets great riffs while propelling the songs along.  Coming from Woking, UK, Zedi Forder is continuing that metal/hard rock tradition of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple by sounding fresh and new.  God, I love this band.  Check them out.

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