Ambient Hip Hop: Lil Josiey – “Dreamin’ (w/ Lil Gunna & Jay)”

 Lil Josiey

“Dreamin’ (w/ Lil Gunna & Jay)”

Here you got the best of hip hop and ambient in one place.  This is great, autumnal music, just made for those long, cool nights.  “Dreamin'” gets everything right; the instrumentation, the rapping, the horns at the end, Lil Josiey’s vocals in the background, just a perfect combo.  Both Jay and Lil Gunna know their way around a rhyme, and Lil Josiey knows how to write and play for the raps, and his voice is heavenly.  You really have to listen to this song.  If you thought you didn’t like hip hop, that’s because you never heard the Lil Josiey handle the genre.  This is the wave of the future.

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