Anxiety Pop: Wet Leather – “Secret Preference”


Wet Leather

“Secret Preference”

The Feeling Is Mutual

“If you haven’t got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me.” Alice Roosevelt Longworth.  I thought this quote from Teddy Roosevelt’s daughter was fitting, especially if you add “or about yourself” to the mix.  I love the funky, New Wave, Talking Headish/Cyndi Lauperish beat with the fun lyrics of expressing all your dirty laundry to your best (or worst) friend.  Remember, we all have a “secret preference”, and what is more fun than sharing stories.  I love Wet Leather.  Their sense of fun is overwhelming.  The fact that they call their music Anxiety Pop, and their motto is “Never Wear Leather, Never Get Wet” won my heart.  Wet Leather is comprised of Barry, Dema, Dylan, Jason, and Matt.  Not only do they have a wicked sense of humor, they are also extremely talented and make deep dark funk/pop odes.  Check them out.

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